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9 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Spring

Spring Pet Safety Tips

Spring is the favorite time of the year, both for the pets as well as pet parents because of the freshness and sunshine it brings. Along with the plethora of benefits, this pleasant season also brings dangers like fleas and ticks that can cause diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your pets safe during this season.

9 of the most effective safety tips for your pet during the spring season

1. Flea & Tick Prevention:

Fleas and ticks hide inside your house as well as in the yard. However, you can protect your dog from these parasites with effective flea and tick treatments. Talk to your vet to get the best suitable treatment for your canine.

2. Keep Lilies And Cats Apart:

Lilies are everywhere during the spring season and enhance our home decorations on Easter or Mother’s Day during the spring season. Lilies can have toxic effects on cats and may cause seizures, kidney failures, etc. Therefore, take proactive measures to keep lilies away from your cat, especially if they have the habit of chewing flowers.

3. Allergies And Skin Infections:

Spring is the best season for pets to enjoy outdoor activities. This may cause allergies to your animal buddies due to certain fertilizers or bugs in the field resulting in itching, skin inflammation, etc. So, it is important to limit your pet’s outdoor activities and not allow them to roam around such areas.

4. Vaccination:

Ticks are at their peak during spring. These parasites carry dangerous diseases that can be fatal for your dog. Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne diseases which is transmitted to your pet when they take a bite from an infected tick that carries the bacteria causing this disease. So, it is important to vaccinate your pooch against such harmful diseases under vet supervision to keep them healthy and happy.

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5. Tags and Microchips:

Whenever you take your dog for outdoor activities, it is essential to make them wear a collar with identification tags and get them microchipped. This will help locate your loved companions when they are lost.

6. Check On Pet-Plant Safety:

We tend to fill our homes with plants and flowers during the spring season. However, our pets can be allergic to some of them which can make them sick. Therefore, you should keep your pets away from them if they are sensitive to new plants or tend to chew plants or flowers.

7. Spring Bees:

Bees are hyperactive during Spring. A bee sting can cause swelling, and pain if stung on the paw or leg. A sting on the face can cause more problems for your pet. If you are suspicious of your pet’s bee sting, consult your vet immediately.

8. Pet Friendly Cleaners:

When cleaning your home from spring dust, use pet-friendly cleaners. Pets tend to lick everything and licking toxic cleaners may invite trouble for them.

9. Spring Candies And food:

Spring season is full of colorful candies, foods and decorations. Candies, especially the ones containing xylitol are toxic for pets and if ingested can cause multiple health issues.

Bottom Line

A healthy dog is a happy dog. It is your duty as a pet parent to keep your pooch safe and secure from troubles that come along with the spring. Consider the tips mentioned in this article and see your companions blooming this spring.