10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Sheltered Cat

Adopt a Sheltered Cat

The month of June is celebrated as National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, a perfect time to welcome a feline pet to your home. If you are thinking of adopting a cat or have already brought one, this blog is here to guide you in this beautiful transition.

Health Benefits of Adopting Cat

Calms nervous system 
According to researchers cat’s purring effects in calming the nervous system and blood pressure. 

Improve your cardiovascular health
As per surveys cat parents are less likely to get heart diseases or stroke compared to people who don’t have any pets. 

Prevent allergies in children 
Cats are widely known to be an allergen; however, this is beneficial for kids. Research suggests that if children are exposed to cat pets at an early age their immune system will adapt to deal with cat allergies as well as other allergens. The National Institutes of Health released have proven this with a study in the year 2022.

Companions to combat loneliness
Shelter cats are known to be great companions. They will try to grab your attention. They will sit on your lap while you work and sleep with you. Sheltered cats are only looking for a loving environment and if you offer them that they will share all the love.      

Other Benefits of Adopting Sheltered Cats

They are low maintenance pet
Adopting cats is easy on pockets compared to having a dog. You don’t necessarily have to spend tons of money on grooming or taking them out for walks. Moreover, they can also live in a small accommodation in the city, unlike dogs they don’t need a lot of space to play.

Rescued cats may have fewer health problems
Adopting a sheltered mixed breed is better than a pure breed cat as they have fewer health issues. The mixed-breed are less likely to get into genetic diseases or dysplasia, Heart disease, Kidney disease, Cardiomyopathy, Gingivitis etc. are some widely recognized diseases severe health issues like Patellar luxation, Hip.

Note that mixed breeds typically inherit fewer genetic problems but the risk is always present they are only less likely to suspect diseases.

Cats keep away house pest-free
Everyone knows cats chase rodents but they also like to eat or terminate insects like house flies, spiders and more. 

They have long life spans
For any pet parent, the saddest phase is to part away from their pet. Cat’s life span may not be like humans but they are likely to remain your companion for up to 20 years.

Thing to do, If you have already Adopted a Cat

Cats are independent pets, but they still need your care and commitment. If you are already are as few healthy practices that will help you to take better care of your feline.

Protection from flea and severe worms
Fleas, ticks or any other parasites are capable of making your pet’s life miserable causing skin irritation as well severe health issues. As a cat parent, you must not only regularly examine your pet’s body for such parasites but also take preventive measures by consulting your vet. At DiscountPetMart, you can purchase best vet product for your pet at most affordable price.

A fresh litter Box
To establish a good litter practice for your cat, you must always keep an extra litter for your cat. Also, it needs to be cleaned daily; you can find litter formulas at a pet store that helps you in scooping out the waste and also control foul-smelling.

Consistent Grooming
Although cats’ require a lot of grooming like dogs, it is still necessary to carry out basic grooming like brushing and combing for their health. Combing removes the dead hair from the body so they accidentally ingest it during self-grooming. Moreover, it helps you detect any infection or irregularities like lumps, bumps or sore spots.

A scratch pole                                                                                                                  
Most cats have the habit of scratching furniture or any objects in the house. Scratching helps cats remove the old layer from the cat’s law. Hence to avoid the damage and keep your cat scratching invested or creates in scratching pole. You can train them to scratch on appropriate surfaces like cardboard, sisal and carpet.

A well-balanced diet
Consult your vet for your pet’s necessary nutrients, and practice feeding your cat in moderation; overfeeding can lead to obesity causing serious health issues. As a cat parents need to feed them with fresh and clean water for their good health, if you’re feline doesn’t drink from the bowl can use a tall glass or a cat fountain.

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