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Where Can I Get Frontline Plus for Cats at Best Price

Frontline Plus for Cats
  • It is an advance version of Frontline - now called Frontline Plus
  • It has an extra active ingredient named methoprene effective in killing the larvae of ticks, fleas and even lice.

Cats are the most outgoing pets. They love to spend their life into full freedom and connoisseur comfort. They have a tendency to roam inside and outside on various places, patios and return to home only if they feel so; not necessarily for food.

So, what’s the harm in being insouciant?

Well, being a cat owner there is no harm and pain handling the demeanor behavior of the cat but the only problem is that they self invite fleas and ticks after a roam around the countryside. And that is really harmful not just for you but for them as well.

The Only Solution to this Tick and Flea Protection – Frontline Plus.

Frontline Plus is a complete protection against flea and ticks which works within 4 hours of application with less or no side effects.

Why Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus has insect growth regulator which forbids existing fleas to lay eggs resulting into the interruption of their egg production cycle and affecting their entire growth and protecting your pet. It is a monthly topical treatment to protect from American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Lone Star Tick and Deer Tick which carry Lyme disease.

It works in multiple ways to protects from ectoparasites and has powerful ingredients fipronil and s-methoprene which even attacks on the life of lice.

It is easy to apply and even user friendly. All you need to do is part his fur near collar and apply. It works within 24 hours but you need to keep your dog away from water for 48 hours to receive the best results. And then your pet is all ready to get wet even in the shampoos because Frontline Plus is water-resistant. It immediately kills fleas after 24 hours of administration and even after getting a shampoo shower it’s strong impact is same for next 30 days.

It has no side effects even if your dog licks it after administration, he may feel dizzy and lazy but only for some time. You might feel your dog is feeling hot and irritated or having hyper-salivation or may be doing intense itching, so it’s not a reason to worry at all.

When you apply the Frontline Plus it starts to work on your pet’s body and kills all the existing fleas. Those dead fleas cause itching to your pet. To relax him down you can come his fur and make him feel better. This preventive is 100% effective for fleas and 98% effective for ticks.

Are Frontline and Frontline Plus different?

Yes, with a major difference. Frontline Plus is an advance version of Frontline. It has an extra active ingredient named s-methoprene effective in killing the larvae of ticks, fleas and even lice.

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Product Review

Frontline Plus is a tick and flea prevention to protect your cat from various parasites. It works within 24 hours and completely disturbs their reproduction cycle and existing fleas as well.



Parasite Protection


Cost Effective


Easy to Use


Cat Friendly


  • +Kills and eliminates adult fleas and ticks
  • +Destroys the complete lifecycle of parasites thereby preventing further infestation
  • +Can be used on all cat breeds over 8 weeks of age
  • +Eliminates American dog ticks, Deer ticks, Brown ticks and Lone star ticks.
  • +Removes biting lice
  • +Aids in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • +Waterproof treatment
  • +Easy to apply


  • -This might irritate your cat if applying for the very first time
  • -It is advised to know your cat’s skin before as this topical treatment may rough the skin after application.
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