Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Your Pets

Fun Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Your Pets

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day the first image that comes into your head would be Irish people enjoying themselves in a pub with a green leprechaun hat on. But for pet parents, it is not just that. It is also a time to spend more time with their beloved fur baby.

Celebrating a holiday is more fun when we are around family. It makes the events much more memorable. So, why not add even more fun by including your beloved furry family members? Here are a few activities that are dog-friendly and safe for you to try on St. Patrick’s Day!

Wear Matching Clothes

Get your best green hats and clothes ready, for this is the time to wear matching clothes with your pet. You will see people wearing green during the time of St. Patrick’s Day and so your pet will also love to flaunt their fancy sweaters and costumes.

Home-made Baked Goods

Some homemade pet-friendly treats sound delicious! What is a better way to spend time with your pet other than being cozy at home, baking cookies and treats, and catching up on a movie? We would say nothing sounds as good as that. Paired with your favorite beverage and your pet’s favorite toys all you can do is enjoy each other’s company.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day collars

If you like the Do-It-Yourself project, you can have fun braiding a pretty collar for your dog, using some green color. This can be your personalized gift for your pet and yet another way to your love.

Enjoying Traditional Irish Meal

St. Patrick’s Day is incomplete without a traditional meal. Make one that is suitable for your pet while you make yours. You know the best way to your floof’s heart is through their stomach and that is the route you can take by serving them a delicious meal that will leave them wanting for more.

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Attending Pet-friendly Parade

Find some parades that are safe for your pet and bring them to socialize with many other pets and pet parents. Nothing brings out the Irish in you as the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, now your fur baby can enjoy the decorated floats and musical performances too! Don’t forget to carry what your furry baby might need, like some water or treats before you head out the door.


No matter the way you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, having fun with your furry baby will always take priority; the only rule is to have no rules and just enjoy the time! Whether you go out or decide to spend time at home, all your pet will care about is spending time with you. This is the perfect time to bond with your pet and we hope this list helps you with ideas for spending a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!