Celebrating Pet Wellness Month- Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Pet Wellness Month- Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy & Happy

It is true that keeping your furry buddies in the best of health all year round is necessary for their long and happy lives. The month of October is crucial in this context as it is celebrated as the National Pet Wellness Month. It emphasizes the importance of pet wellness and encourages all pet parents to pay attention to the overall well-being of their beloved four-legged family members.

Tips to Help Your Pets Live Long & Wholesome Lives

Nutrition is important

A well-balanced, nutrition-rich food is a primary requirement for keeping your dog healthy. While meat and eggs can fulfill their protein needs, including dog-friendly fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet helps provide them with necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Proper nutrition helps in the healthy functioning of the immune system and protects your pets from infections and diseases. Take the help of your veterinarian to create a perfect diet plan for your pet.

Keep weight in check

Just the way underweight dogs are more vulnerable to diseases, obesity also brings with it many health problems. An obese dog can suffer from heart-related diseases, joint pain and ligament issues. High salt table scraps or too many fatty treats can make your dog gain weight easily. It is better to avoid such food in order to maintain your pet’s ideal weight.

Don’t neglect exercise

Regular exercise helps your pets burn calories and improves metabolism. Set a routine and take your pet for a brisk walk, engage them in outdoor plays, set a daily swimming session or take them for running along the beach. Consulting a veterinarian before setting an exercise routine will help as pets of different age groups and different breeds have different exercise requirements.

Regular grooming helps

When you clean your pet, you get a chance to take a closer look at their skin, fur, ears, mouth and paws. This way, you can keep a check on whether they have caught any infections and can provide treatment before they become severe. Include the following while you go ahead with your pet’s grooming schedule:-

  • Bathe just as needed: Bathing is required for keeping skin and bacterial infections away and removing dirt from your pet’s coat. However, do not bathe too frequently. It can remove essential oils and can make your pet’s skin dry.
  • Brush the hair: Brushing your pet’s hair every two days or so helps keep the hair untangled and makes you aware of scales or any unusual growth.
  • Clean the ears: Cleaning your pet’s ears with a cotton ball or soft wipes or ear drops helps remove wax, debris and bad smell, and keeps bacteria away.
  • Clip the nails: If you hear a lot of ‘clicking’ when your dog walks, it means it’s time for clipping their nails. Your dog’s toes can splay due to longer nails and they can slip or get injured. Do not cut the nails too frequently though, as it can lead to bleeding and pain for your pet.
  • Brush the teeth: Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly helps in keeping the plaque and tartar away. Healthy gums and a clean mouth can avert many oral diseases.

Consult a veterinarian

Though you take the best care of your pooch, a vet visit once or twice (for senior dogs) a year will do no harm. Your veterinarian can help you with your pet’s regular checkups and in the treatment and prevention of dangerous diseases. You can also take your vet’s help in preparing a balanced diet plan, the best exercise schedule and a good training program that can add to your pet’s healthy living.

Get insurance

If you have not yet got insurance for your pet, now is the time. Getting insurance helps you with bearing the expenses of sudden vet visits or accidental injury, and keeps your furry pal’s health covered.

Spend good time with pets

All said and done, your pet will be the happiest when you are around. Spare time for your pet and develop a strong bond. Playing with your pet, training them, and just cuddling and interacting with them also keep them away from mental problems like stress, anxiety, and depression. The more they are emotionally strong, the more you can keep your pets away from serious health issues.

To conclude
October is National Pet Wellness Month. Providing your pets with long, healthy and fulfilling lives is the best way to celebrate this occasion. By taking proper care of their diet, exercise, grooming, and spending time with them; and by consulting a veterinarian regularly, you can ensure your pet’s overall well-being.