National Lost Pet Prevention Month: Steps to Keep Your Pet Safe

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

One of the biggest fears of any pet parent out there is the fear of losing their pets. Losing our little furry companion is no different than losing any other loved one. The worst part about a lost pet is that we can reunite only a tiny proportion of these lovelies with their pet parents.

In our pet world, every year, we recognize July as National Lost Pet Prevention Month. Pet Hub Inc. established July as ‘National Pet Prevention Month’ to set a reminder for us pet parents to ensure that our furry beans stay safe, and do not get lost.

On the occasion of this national lost pet prevention month, let’s dive in to learn a few ways by which we can protect our four-legged babies from getting lost, just in case.

1. Get a Collar With Tags

Irrespective of how obvious this step might seem; people often forget the significance of a secure dog collar with an attached name tag. Ensure that the collar is well secured and not torn or worn down. See to it that the collar is in perfect shape. You must make a balance between a comfortable and secure collar.

Id tags make it easier for people to identify your dog. They can then get your contact details and reunite you with your dog. You can also have your contact number written on the collar itself.

2. Implant a Microchip

Microchips have been beneficial in reuniting several lost pets with their pet parents. If your pet gets lost and doesn’t have a collar or ID tag, the veterinarian or shelter can scan for a microchip to get information.

The microchip is as small as a grain of rice and contains the name of your pet, your contact information, and the contact information of your primary vet. The best part is that the process of implanting a microchip is painless. Your pet wouldn’t even feel its presence, and it would be there in their body for their entire life.

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3. Teach Reliable Commands

Teaching reliable commands to your pets is a must. Yes, Yes. We know that it’s not that easy to train commands if you have a cat. But believe it or not, once you figure out what motivates your pet cat, you can train them to come at your command. ‘Come’ and ‘stay’ are two essential commands you must familiarize your pets with. It not only can keep them from running off the leash but also help you stop them from running off the streets.

4. Keep Your Pet on Leash

Keep your pet on a leash when going out with them. You can use a leash and harness with cats too, to prevent them from bolting out when taking them out of their carrier. While purchasing the leash or harness for your pet, you must pick the right size according to recommended weight.

5. Keep the Gates Closed

Escaping the yard or through open doors is one of the most common ways pets get lost. Secure the yard gates before taking your pet out to play. You must keep the fencing tall enough that your pet can’t jump over it. To prevent your pet from digging their way out, you can secure the area with rocks or chicken wire lining. Also, check for any loose panels that your dog might fit through; and secure them.

6. Pay Close Attention

You can take hundreds of tips, but the most important will always be paying close attention to your pet. It might look like a simple and obvious rule, but it’s also the most forgotten one. With family, kids, and work, we often forget to check in on our furry babies. However, they are no less a part of our family and lives.

Whenever you take your pets outdoor, especially in unfamiliar places, pay close attention to them and their surroundings. Distractions and negligence on your part might lead to accidents, dropped leashes, and your pets getting lost. You must keep them within your eyesight at all times. Always know their whereabouts despite them just playing in the backyard.

7. Spay or Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is important. It prevents overpopulation and limits the number of animals ending up in shelters. Plus, it significantly reduces the chances of your pet straying away.

Male cats and dogs have high sexual drive and tend to seek out females to mate. If kept un-neutered, the likelihood of them wandering off and getting lost increases. Un-neutered female cats also tend to put their scent in all places for the male cats to find them. It increases their likelihood of roaming in the neighborhood.

Neutering your pets would remove these tendencies, calm them down, and make them more reliable.

8. Keep Their Documents Ready at All Times

You must keep all documents related to your pets in one place, all easily accessible. This would help you quicken the process and increase the chance of finding them. These proofs of ownership will make it easier for you to claim your pet and for the shelters or rescue groups to identify if the pet belongs to you.

Concluding Note

This National Lost Pet Prevention Month, use these security tips diligently to prevent your pet from being lost. You must pay proper attention to them at all times; especially in unfamiliar situations. You must share these tips with other pet parents too. A little awareness regarding pet care can work wonders in reducing the number of lost pets; and separated pets and parents.